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Features of Hydrogen Water

Normal water vs Hydrogen water

Water constitutes about 70% of the human body and it plays a pivotal role in keeping our body clean by washing out various wastes and toxins in the body. However, the water that we routinely drink is composed of 80~100 pieces of water molecules, clustered like a bunch of grapes and forms a large mass of 80Hz~180Hz. The big clustered water molecules have a difficulty in washing out waste and toxins from our body and drawbacks that bacteria can be stick to the molecules.

If we drink hydrogen water in which H2 is dissolved in large quantities, the absorbed hydrogen and active oxygen in our body react with each other to become normal water. This water does not constitute a mass and is discharged from the body with waste and toxins.


Active Oxygen

Eliminate unwanted active oxygen in the body through hydrogen water

Active Oxygen is produced in the body by overeating, fatigue, or by infections such as colds. When bacteria invades into the body, neutrophils, which account for 50% to 70% of the total of the eight white blood cells that are the core of immune system that protects our body, reacts immediately and acts to destroy the bacteria and active oxygen plays an important role at this time. If this active oxygen cannot be effectively released through post-management, it damages on normal cells and developed into cancer cells.

Having a habit of drinking hydrogen water that removes active oxygen helps you to maintain a healthy life.


Hydrogen Generator

Differentiated hydrogen generator by the combination of specially made hydrgoen ball and terahertz ball.

The hydrogen generation methods in the current market are gas-rechargeable and nano-bubble system. The major weakness of these types is that the generated hydrogen evaporates rapidly and so it is not absorbed properly into human body.

Hydrogen water purifier sold at our company combines the specially manufactured hydrogen ball that generates a large amount of hydrogen with Terahertz ore to accelerate the decomposition of the water molecule’s binding force and activate the reducing power so that the generated hydrogen does not evaporate easily from the body.


Hydrogen Ball&Terahertz Ore

Hydrogen Ball

Unlike other ball, the hydrogen ball that our company is using now produces relatively a little amount of minor substances from the ball when it is immersed into water. This specialized ball is excellent at generating large amount of dissolved hydrogen and lasts for longer time compared to others.

Terahertz Ore

It dissolves the binding force of water molecules and improves the reducing power so that the generated hydrogen does not evaporate immediately.

It reduces Oxidation Source Potential(ORP) to below 200 and helps to generate weak alkaline water around pH8.5