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CEO message

Tera Health company was founded to help human live a healthy and convenient life.

Tera Health Co., Ltd. has been established to build an industrial infrastructure through the development and application of new materials and to exhibit a wide range of functional products that help people live healthy and convenient life.

Currently, our company is running two independent business areas, called ‘Terahertz’ and ‘Hydrogen Technology’.

Terahertz is a business area that develops and launches differentiated functional products in various fields such as Beauth/Health/Living, by applying Poly-Terahertz new materials with a special method that have been popular in Japan recently.

Hydrogen Technology is a business area that focuses on removing the active-oxygen in our body and maintaining a healthy body by absorbing a large amount of hydrogen in the water generated through the special filter developed by our own technology.

Poly-Terahertz material and hydrogen balls used in our company are currently under official test for US FDA and NSF certification and about to be registered soon. In addition, we have ready completed the functional and safety tests from various organizations in Japan and Korea.

Talents for Tera Health Company

We are looking for a talented person dreaming of the future together

Achievement: People, who constantly challenge and make achievement.

Innovation: People, who leads innovation through flexible thinking

Professionalism: People, who lead the leap with professionalism and global competence


Our vision for the realization of value management is to launch differentiated products based on passionate attitude and creative sensibility and to become a company that can contribute to customer satisfaction and life quality improvement in the future.